Les Benjamins | Launching Tennis Apparel Line

The lifestyle brand serves new looks for on and off the court

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Tennis is a sport known for its tradition: the rigorous training of ballkids, the intricately documented process of growing grass courts, the Wimbledon all-white dress code. These rigid frameworks would appear to inhibit creative freedom, but Istanbul-based lifestyle brand Les Benjamins works within the blueprint of staple tennis styles to design an elegant co-ed collection that elevates country club silhouettes. “Les Benjamins Tennis Club” is a 27-piece apparel line available on their website and consists of tracksuits, cropped polo shirts, tennis skirts, jerseys, and more.

Tapping into the oft-unrecognized legacy of tennis in Turkish history, Les Benjamins’ new collection is inspired by the nationwide sensation, the “Challenge Cup,” which became the Turks’ equivalent of Wimbledon. The brand partners with Turkish tennis players Altug Celikbilek and Ipek Oz to meld together the longstanding customs of the tennis world and Les Benjamins’ Eastern-influenced sensibilities. As tennis is a historically Western-centric sport, the latest collection serves as a symbol of expansion, bringing different perspectives into the on-court conversation.

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