KIM SHUI | Fall Winter 2024 Collection

A dragon muse amidst Lunar New Year

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Nick Hsu

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In the upcoming Year of the Dragon, designer Kim Shui presents a fresh interpretation of this symbol in her Fall-Winter 2024 collection, which premiered at New York Fashion Week on February 9th. For Shui, the dragon embodies not just strength and resilience but serves as a muse for her latest creations, drawing inspiration from the Japanese painter Kazuo Shiraga and his dynamic martial arts-inspired foot paintings.

The FW 24 collection weaves a narrative that bridges pan-Asian cultural traditions with the global fashion scene, all the while committing to ethical practices through the use of vegan snakeskin and fur. Garments are vividly expressed in a palette of oxblood, reds, blues, and dark purples, reinforcing the dragon's symbolism. Kim Shui's innovative approach extends to celebrating inclusivity, ensuring her designs resonate with all body types, thus democratizing the dragon's spirit. Accompanied by plush, oversized trapper hats that pay homage to dragon costumes of Lunar New Year celebrations, her collection is a testament to cultural reverence and contemporary reinterpretation. Through Shui's lens, the dragon's legacy is not only preserved but reimagined with a collection that honors tradition and champions sustainability and inclusivity.

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