Khaite| FW24 Collection

The idea of heritage from memory: who we were, are, and become

Written by

Nick Hsu

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Creative Designer Catherine Holstein's KHAITE Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, unveiled on February 10th in New York, stands as a poignant tribute to her mother, inviting audiences into a reflective dialogue about personal evolution and identity. This collection transforms fashion into a medium for conversation, blending the commanding presence of menswear, the precision of feminine tailoring, and the artistry of couture shapes. It challenges traditional boundaries with gender-neutral designs, elongated coats, collared capes, and reconceptualized jackets that celebrate cross-generational legacy and the power of vulnerability.

The chosen color scheme—rooted in the spiritual simplicity of black, white, and cream, with additions of heathered greys, army green, and camel spiked with oxblood—serves as a temporal bridge. Accessories and footwear, with their architectural lines and intricately redefined handbags, anchor the collection's dynamic exploration of memory and present focus, crafting a forward-looking narrative that honors the past.

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KHAITE, Catherine Holstein, FW24, New York, Nick Hsu