KENZO by Nigo | Fall/Winter 2024 Pre-Collection Campaign

Sunrise Chasing

Written by

Emma Raff

Photographed by

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French fashion house, KENZO, debuts their Fall-Winter pre-collection designed by Japanese artistic director, Nigo. The pre-collection, first presented at the 2024 runway show in January, draws on visuals of science fiction, lunarscapes, and futurism, with elements of space travel. 

For the shoot, Canary Islands-born photographer Lengua captured the sci-fi-esque physicality of Earth through a lunar landscape softened with the familiarity of ocean waves. The main collection from which the pre-collection derives focuses on the physical movement of the sun across the sky, from West to East, and per Nigo’s vision, the garments themselves embody solar motifs: the ray-like appearance of the plissé soleil dress and the house’s classic Weave pattern which reflects the design of Japanese hakeshi baten fireman’s jackets.  

Metallic sequins mimic space travel amidst the stars while the earthly and the galactic converge through futuristic silhouettes, cargo trousers reminiscent of space suits, and a glittering constellation logo of Rue Vivienne imprinted on black fabric. 

Finally, an ideogram depicting five businessmen with briefcases alludes to the Japanese electronic band YMO.

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