Jim Thompson Fabrics | Undiluted Quality in a Globalized Era

The world’s largest producer of hand-woven fabrics endeavors to celebrate, preserve, and respect Thai heritage.

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Annie Bush

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In the twentieth century, popular culture crescendoed from a quiet whisper to a cacophonous roar: around the world, new means of communication catalyzed an interest in beauty previously inaccessible to those outside ultra-wealthy classes. Culture bled through the telephone and through the radio; through the television and through international jet flights and through newspapers and later through computers. Throughout the century, beauty began to transmute itself from one side of the world to the other. And that beauty– that culture once distilled in a singular place at a singular time–became ubiquitous. At the helm of this magnificent geopolitical shift was Jim Thompson, an American architect, art collector, socialite, and entrepreneur, who nurtured a deep and thorough love for to Thai culture. Thompson, who founded the Thai Silk Company in 1951, ensured that the Thai culture, material, and land was not diluted in that immense transformation. Thompson– and the Thai business owners and friends he worked amongst– encouraged an international respect and demand for Thai goods while preserving its original aesthetic and cultural sensibilities.

Since 1951, Jim Thompson Fabrics, the eponymous brand, has dedicated itself to the production, preservation, and global dissemination of authentic and exquisite Thai silk and goods. As Thailand’s most iconic lifestyle brand, Jim Thompson offers a diverse portfolio of fashion products, small goods, cuisine, and finished home products. At its core, Jim Thompson Fabrics is dedicated to quality and creativity, and has an unwavering commitment to sharing Thai heritage and traditions with the world. 

As the world’s largest producer of hand‑woven fabrics, Jim Thompson boasts total vertical integration: the brand has its own silk farms, mills, design studios, and research & development operations– as such, the Thompson brand has garnered international adoration for its uncompromising qualitative codes and enduring heritage beauty. The brand’s dedication to in-house production has enabled it to set up a new “Artists in Residence” series, in which local Thai artists among the likes of Pichaya Osothcharoenpol,  Goh M, and Nakrob Moonmanas work with the epochal brand to develop their own art under the wing of the style titan. Additionally, Jim Thompson has done collaborations on home furnishings with the Rockwell Group, Gert Voorjans, and Tony Duquette.

Jim Thompson Fabrics has been around for over seventy years, and has remained ever-consistent in its unwavering commitment to superlative quality and Thai authenticity. Though the brand continues to blossom under the ethos of transcendental, globalized beauty, Jim Thompson’s primary dedication to the preservation of Southeast Asian heritage continues to set the brand apart from any other competitors worldwide. 

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