Jil Sander | Spring Summer 2024 Campaign

Moments in the folds of daily life

Written by

Tayla Grainger

Photographed by

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Jil Sander’s Spring Summer 2024 campaign transports us to the Spanish coast with its vast skies and graphic architecture. Like the blue stripe of the Atlantic cuts a clean line across the horizon, each of these images depict a striking duality that reflects Jil Sander’s creative approach to forging completely new territories within the realm of fashion. 

Rays of sunlight cast the images in stark contrast, heightening the dramatic point of a sharp collar or the billowing hem of a trench coat. Layers upon layers of structured silhouettes and rich colors are heightened by the interplay of light and shadow that encapsulates the oppositional forces at the heart of this collection. Function meets glitz, day meets night, and workwear meets craftsmanship through innovative design techniques. 

Lucie and Luke Meier, the co-creative directors of Jil Sander, enlisted British artist-photographer Jack Davison to interpret their work for this project because they admire that his images are simultaneously sharp and soulful. They explain that Davison’s approach to photography aligns with the values at the core of their brand. “He captures moments in the folds of daily life when instinct and form, the visual and the tactile, surface and depth find a balance and an expression. [These are] qualities that we deeply appreciate and that resound with what we do.”

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