J.Lindeberg x Christopher Eubanks | Match Made In Heaven

The Swedish label welcomes tennis player Christopher Eubanks as latest brand ambassador

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Maria Kyriakos

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J.Lindeberg has announced the signing of American tennis player Christopher Eubanks as its newest ambassador. The 27-year-old professional star is celebrated and best known for his powerful serve that accompanies his distinctive playing style, followed by a distinguished college career at Georgia Tech. Eubanks is set to make an appearance at the Australian Open in mid-January. He will be sporting J.Lindeberg’s PS24 tennis collection. Eubanks has been creating buzz on the ATP Tour with his impressive height and reach, bringing a refreshing dynamic to the J.Lindeberg brand. The tennis player’s commitment to excellence and the art of progress resonates profoundly with the philosophy of J.Lindeberg’s identity to blend high-performance sportswear with a modern fashion twist.

Eubanks shares, “I am incredibly excited to be partnering with J.Lindeberg. To see a brand that offers so much individuality offers a world of possibilities with creative expression. The entire team has already done a great job understanding my style. The Jensen Polo embodies just that, and I can’t wait to get on the court in it along with the rest of the J.Lindeberg collection.”

Standing at 6’7”, Eubanks is known for his strong presence on the court, and his charming personality off it. His success story from college tennis to professional tennis is quite the remarkable journey, shaped vigorously by his commendable work ethic and determination – qualities that J.Lindeberg champions to the fullest. Eubanks, an Atlanta native, marks his rise in tennis as a personal achievement that serves as inspiration to the local community, perfectly embodying growth and ambition. The tennis professional is determined to break into the top 100, furthering himself even more in the ATP tour events, aligning directly with J.Lindeberg’s commitment to support athletes who are on a constant strive to greatness both on and off the court. 

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