Hennessy Paradis | Other Worldly, All Around Me, But Wait, We’re Already Here

Alicia Keys & Hennessy Come Together to Celebrate Paradis(e) On Earth

Written by

Bennett DiDonna

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The sun hasn’t quite set on the ancient rocks and stones of our Joshua Tree oasis, but you know the stars are shining bright. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to glimpse into the world of Hennessy Paradis. Guiding us is Alicia Keys–the Maison’s new enchantress–to celebrate a blissful evening of music, unequivocal nature and elegant cognac. 

Photographed by Marc Patrick | BFA.com

We make our way up a winding path to be greeted by cement and wood and glass, flowing into the towering hills, the Kellogg Doolittle House, a marvel of organic architecture and stylistic savoir faire. Floating over the desert skyline, history, beauty and craftsmanship harmonize this night to mark a new chapter for Paradis.

Holding the elegant pear-shaped bottle of Paradis up to the copper golden light of the Mojave is like looking through a time machine. We see a story that began in 1979 with Sixth Generation Master Blender Maurice Fillioux de Gironde. Honeysuckle and jasmine, red fruit and cinnamon-a silky harmony of Hennssy’s rarest eaux-de-vie, which have been aging up to 130 years. 

We sip and we cheers. Elizabeth Olsen, Laurent Boillot, Moses Sumney, Sofia Boutella. Didn’t we go to rival high schools? Wait, that’s her mom, that’s so sweet! I like your shoes. This view is so beautiful. We dine on hamachi and wagyu and shrimp ravioli covered in delicate shavings of black truffle. The ethereal emerges from moments of humanity, inspiring encounters that create spontaneous connections. 

It’s dark now and we gather in a small stone amphitheater. The sequins on Alicia’s dress sparkle like the boundless California sky, as she glides over the piano keys. Her first notes of “No One,” carry across the desert, and the forty of us can’t help but feel in awe. To celebrate this new moment for Hennessy, the Maison reminds us, Paradis(e) is on earth, and that wondrous night, we knew it was true.

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