Head of State x Strada | “In Moonlight We Turn Blue” Exhibition

Focusing on Black artists and vulnerability.

Written by

Jess Ferguson

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Strada and Head of State collaborated to create their In Moonlight We Turn Blue exhibition curated by Strada founder Paul Hill, which was shown from October 21-23 in New York. Selected artwork was by Ambrose Rhapsody, Armani Howard and Malaika Temba, Patricia Renee' Thomas, and Joshua Adokuru. Head of State also showcased its Homecoming collection, which the artwork was curated around, and MET Gala looks for Evan Mock and Danai Gurira were publicly shown for the first time.

In his curation, Hill focused on Black artists from Africa and North America and their work surrounding topics of Black youth and vulnerability, as well as textiles and boldness. The color blue was a focal point, which represented vulnerability in a perfection-centric age. The pieces prompt questions like what it means to be Black both physically and culturally, and how is vulnerability a driving force with Black artists. 

After the opening reception on the 21st, Antoine Gregory moderated a discussion between Taofeek Abijako and Paul Hill, which covered the pair’s career trajectories and creative visions. The exhibition weekend was supported by Abijako and Dugan Zier’s [Neu]Sette, a new retailer that seeks to uplift emerging brands and artists.

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Head of State, Strada, In Moonlight We Turn Blue, Paul Hill, Ambrose Rhapsody, Armani Howard, Malaika Temba, Patricia Renee' Thomas, Joshua Adokuru, Evan Mock, Danai Gurira, Antoine Gregory, Taofeek Abijako, [Neu]Sette, Jess Ferguson