Gucci | Gucci Cruise 2024 Collection

In the heart of Seoul

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Liam Kozak

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The dress codes of cosmopolitan culture have always been indicative of ongoing cultural dialogues. The attire one wears is a visual language formed by combining diverse geographical and historical influences, nurtured now by digital communities capable of connecting people across continents. In the Gucci Cruise 2024 Collection, the brand explores this conversation by merging its own heritage with the vibrant influence of South Korea. The collection showcases how multicultural fashion manifests in everyday urban life, embodying the global community that lies at the core of Gucci. It represents a creative legacy spanning a century, now revitalized by designers and artisans from diverse backgrounds. Each of them brings their own unique perspectives and cultural influences to interpret Gucci’s codes. 

The event marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind held in the ceremonial courtyard of Gyeongbokgung Palace, an awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece from the 14th century that graces the heart of Seoul. With the modern city skyline as a striking backdrop, a captivating interplay unfolds between different historical periods and cultural traditions. The carefully curated soundtrack, featuring compositions by renowned Seoulite artist Jung Jae-il, sets the mood for the show, which showcases a diverse ensemble of familiar faces representing various eras of the House. These individuals hail from South Korea and other corners of the globe. The exhibition delves into the realm of the global urban wardrobe, drawing inspiration from the unique fashion sensibilities observed on the streets of Seoul, which reverberate across the world. Furthermore, it pays homage to the vibrant customs and traditions of South Korean attire, resulting in a captivating exploration of style and culture.

The collection showcases looks that evoke the spirit of Gucci from the late ‘90s, but reimagined with a color palette inspired by the 2010s. It explores the inherent code-switching of different generations within metropolitan fashion. Traditional materials and techniques typically associated with formal attire are juxtaposed with elements drawn from sports and casual wear. Each garment and ensemble represents a fusion of styles, reflecting a hybridization of influences. The juxtaposition of bourgeois “streetwear” such as bouclé skirt suits, silk blouses and kitten heels, merges with sportswear inspired by the vibrancy of everyday life in Seoul. For instance, the scuba wetsuits worn by enthusiastic windsurfers and jet-skiers on the Han River. The collection combines body-conscious lines with the voluminous dress codes of skateboarding culture.

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