GSTQ | Q&A with Kelsey Plum

The contemporary womenswear brand, has teamed up with Kelsey Plum for their latest campaign.

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GSTQ, the contemporary womenswear brand, has teamed up with Kelsey Plum for their latest campaign, GSTQ x Kelsey Plum Spring/Summer 2023. While Plum might be relatively new to the fashion game, in the world of basketball, she has a multitude of achievements in her career so far. She is a WNBA champion, former WNBA draft first overall pick, holds the all-time scoring record for NCAA division one women’s basketball, and an Olympic gold medalist. She’s dominant on and off the court, which made her a perfect fit for representing the GSTQ brand. 

The brand, founded in 2021 by Dany Garcia, believes in merging presence and unlimited flexibility, and is built on the belief that living the lives you imagine begins with being ready for every opportunity. Another one of Garcia’s founding ideas for GSTQ was to create clothing for a community of multi-faceted women that became an everyday luxury and lifestyle collection. This new campaign was inspired by the 90’s, from the hair and the clothes to the vibes. Fourteen styles were showcased that are unique to this capsule collection.

“My admiration of her knows no bounds,” Founder Dany Garcia, a trailblazer in her own right, says of Plum. “She is a fierce competitor and elite athlete, mentally and physically, and working with her is a joy.” Seeing how effortlessly Plum tapped into her inner supermodel, she embodies the multi-faceted woman GSTQ is made for. Flaunt spoke to Plum about GSTQ, fashion, and basketball.

How does your relationship between fashion and basketball intersect?

My relationship with basketball and fashion intersect because of a confidence that I have. I think when you play, especially for me, I like to have a swag about me with my head held high. I like bold colors. I like to be a little bit edgy, a little bit sexy. I think that’s kinda how I play, a little bit on the edge and always taking risks. So they are definitely parallels.

How would you describe your fashion in everyday life? How does GSTQ continue this ethos?

My fashion in everyday life is a mixture of sporty/sexy but I also like to be very comfortable. I think GSTQ and I have a great ethos because these clothes are made for women by women. The fit is a little bit different because women know what we all like and what fits our bodies well, so it’s very flattering and tailored to me. There's an evolution that continues to grow with GQTQ, kinda like my style, so I feel like we’re on the same path. 

What makes wearing GSTQ special for you? How do you feel when wearing it? You’ve made strides in the sports world, business world, financial world, etc. What are your insights for women trying to succeed in male-dominated spaces?

Women trying to achieve great things in male dominated spaces is kind of a tough category to be in. Whether that is business, sports, financial. For me personally, I feel like every room I walk into I belong there, and I want other women to feel like that. I feel like GSTQ is very empowering because the way that you dress and the way that you feel goes a long way into what you’re doing while you’re there. For me, I feel that success and continued success has a lot to do with confidence, but it’s also an internal feeling of believing in yourself: believing in what you’re wearing and believing in how you’re feeling. I’m proud to be part of a woman owned, women made company that empowers women. At the end of the day, we are breaking these barriers in not just fashion but sports; obviously Dany intersecting with XFL, the first woman to be the Chairwoman and Owner of a sports league. Just continuing to push those barriers in those male dominated spaces. 

The next WNBA season is right around the corner, and you’re coming off one of your best seasons yet, including a championship win. How do you balance this lifestyle–what do you do to wind down and take care of yourself? 

Coming back after winning a championship this season, you have to have a very disciplined mindset. For me, I’m excited about the opportunity to try to repeat. We have an amazing team, a collection of wonderful individuals. A team is really about putting that together. I’m really excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us. I try to stay consistent everyday: show up, put in the work, put in the time, be very diligent about how I train and how I prepare my body for what’s at stake. To wind down, I love to hang out with my family and friends, watch cooking shows, take naps, really just low stimulation and having fun. That’s how I take my mind off of basketball.

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