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A universe of striking shades and lustrous composition have made way into the launch of GSTQ menswear. This FW23 menswear series blends luxury and streetwear with color-blocked sets and polished modern silhouettes made whole with an exhibition of outerwear, sweatshirts, hoodies, tops, tees and suiting options. 

The mastermind behind the fashion line that encourages humankind to carry themselves with aplomb is Dany Garcia - a Cuban American woman, child of immigrants, and a leader in many male-dominated worlds. Through GSTQ, she aspires to synthesize empowering relationships within a movement-minded community as well as amplify the wearer’s self-confidence. “GSTQ menswear represents more than just clothing – it’s a statement of self-assurance and a product that supports you while experiencing your greatest moments in life. We’ve poured our passion into every detail, and I’m thrilled to celebrate the evolution of our company, which now will magnify even more people’s purpose and power,” says Garcia. 

With a determination to create a wardrobe that embodies both zestful vibrations and an unapologetic point of view to remind us that we are capable of living “into” our potential, Garcia created and launched GSTQ in 2021. She drew her inspiration for the name of the brand from her time in a high school band where she played “God Saves the Queen.” She hopes for GSTQ to “deepen your drive and bolster your confidence to conquer each day by fusing luxury with sportswear.” 

Garcia affirms self-confidence through an array of convertible couture and a sensation of ebullience, ensuring that wearers will experience the GSTQ difference. The buildable collection is unapologetic as it aims to manifest a fusion of charisma and comfortability for its wearers. 

To endure the festive occasion of the menswear launch, GSTQ will participate in New York Fashion Week through a 1-day collection preview on Friday, September 8, 2023. 

The GSTQ Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection is now available on GSTQ.com

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