grounds x Bernhard Willhelm | FW '23/24 Collection Debuting in September

The Tokyo-based sneaker brand launches their biggest shoes yet.

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Brendan Le

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The buzz around young Tokyo-based sneaker label grounds is palpable, with their trademark bubbled outsoles embedding themselves into streetwear’s latest trends. Originally known as Giddy Up when it was founded by Creative Director Mikio Sakabe in 2018, grounds translates the pulse of Japanese youth into bold shoe design. The brand will launch their Fall/Winter ‘23/’24 collection in early September, consisting of nine designs inspired by the remote North Atlantic archipelago Faroe Islands. In addition, the new line will contain three designs from grounds’ second collaboration with German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm.

“The concept became an exploration of the merging of urban luxury and the complete wild, searching for the perfect balance of two drastically opposing components that equally coexist,” Sakabe says.

grounds leans fully into this antithetical convergence. In the collection’s lookbook, models dressed in colorfully outlandish outfits are placed against all-natural scenery of clear lakes, rolling hills, and snowy valleys. What stands out among the muted landscape are the label’s signature stocky shoes, bigger than ever. While previous collections balanced the large outsoles with a more understated heel, the latest designs commit to the immensity with three main styles: moopie, jewelry, and orca. The footwear brand’s newest line aims to make the grounds name as big as their shoes.

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