Gray Malin x Don Julio | Capturing the Essence of Agave

Join Don Julio in The Hamptons

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Cerys Davies

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The talent to conceptualize reality from different perspectives is one Gray Malin excels at. As a fine art and aerial photographer, he is known for his aerial shots of different beaches, coastal settings, snowy mountains, and parks from all over the world. In a recent collaboration with Don Julio, he traveled to Jalisco to encapsulate the vast agave fields that make Don Julio’s infamous tequila possible.

The process of making tequila begins in a boundless field of agave plants. Malin highlights the blue hues of each row of the crop in contrast with the red soil in which they are planted. The rows engulf the entirety of each image in the series truly depicted the size of these fields. In some of the photos, you can even make out the different workers harvesting the plant under the scorching sun.

With the launch of the “Agave Series,” Don Julio and Gray Malin are celebrating the release with  an entire weekend full of tequila, live music, and an exclusive gift shop in The Hamptons. There will be an exclusive Gray Malin margarita served that plays with notes of pineapple, sage, and of course agave. Join in on the celebrations August 12 and 13 where guests are welcome to experience the event, try the exclusive cocktail, and shop the merchandise at The Racquet Lounge.

You can purchase tickets to attend here. The proceeds from the event will support the Southampton Arts Center  For those who would still like to celebrate but can’t attend the event, the Tequila Don Julio x Gray Malin Cocktail Kit is available for purchase online and includes a mini framed picture from “The Agave series.”

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