Into The Future

Written by

Tiana Malony

Photographed by

Jo Jo Korsh

Kyle Goldberg

Styled by

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Photographed by Jo Jo Korsh & Kyle Goldberg

GMC, Don C, and SHOW Studio effortlessly combined fashion, art, and practicality in an elaborate installation for the GMC Hummer EV Supertruck. The ‘Like Nothing Else’ experience took place on October 11th, 2022 bringing together the three creatives to transform the site in LA. Big Sean performed at the event along with other creatives including Paris Jackson, Karl Towns, Jordyn Woods, and Teyana Taylor.

The British fashion photographer and SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight, created an immersive experience with the help of GMC and Don C. The GMC HUMMER EV showcased a moving simulation guided by the voice of Don C. Knight shares, “Our work at SHOWstudio is all about exploring the process of creativity and the intersection with what technology can do to aid this. We were drawn to the power that an electric super tuck has and what it represents and we are excited to debut our work for GMC HUMMER EV which takes our articulation of the energy of the truck and brings it into an interactive world experience.” The GMC HUMMER EV is the world's first all-electric supertruck.


Jo Jo Korsh Kyle Goldberg GMC Hummer EV Like Nothing Else Paris Jackson Karl Towns Jordyn Woods Teyana Taylor

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