Givenchy | Men's Voyou Bag Added to Fall/Winter 2023

Givenchy introduces the Voyou for Men for Fall/Winter 2023

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Annie Bush

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First revealed on the Parisian runway for Fall-Winter 2023, Givenchy has officially announced a new addition to its growing collection of statement bags: the men’s Voyou bag. Complementary to the Voyou bag for women (which launched in the Spring-Summer 2023 collection,) the men’s iteration retains the same structured ‘V-line’ as the women’s, but allows for an ergonomic, Parisian-esque slouchiness that impresses a distinctly masculine silhouette upon the wearer. 

Available in soft-grained, supple black leather, crackled black vintage leather, and nylon lined with faux fur, the spacious bag features silver hardware accents and metallic branding. The Voyou promises an ease-of-use trademark of the luxury fashion brand. Designed by Givenchy's Creative Director Matthew M. Williams, the sleek and cheeky Voyou bag announces itself boldly and carries quietly: it proves itself to be a worthy accessory to the crisp layers of fall, or even the lush silences of winter.

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