Genny | Pre-Fall 24/25 Collection

A cosmopolitan and metropolitan woman serve as inspiration for the brand's newest collection

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Maria Kyriakos

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What is the most appropriate look to wear while moving throughout such a dynamic city as New York? Perhaps Genny has all the answers. The brand’s newest campaign is “for women and on the side of women”–those who are dressed prepared to take on the city in all its nuances. A business meeting, the theater, grabbing lunch or even a quick trip to an art gallery, the Pre-Fall 24/25 Collection reflects the various events a New Yorker might find themselves attending. Each piece offers a respective balance between day and night; capturing the destructed and undone silhouettes while the sun is high, and the more structured, sleek silhouettes as the evening creeps in.

The daywear items alternate between pencil lines and emphasis on proportions that include asymmetrical collars and trompe-l’oeil coats with double collars. Paired with tailored pants, these garments are tied together by the Genny shirts, boasting biomaterials accented against hypermodern lines. The day dresses also give an aura of femininity and glamor to the Genny wearing-woman, as the details are embroidered thoughtfully with embellishments that brighten up the whole figure.

The ultra-soft and delicate materials are worked into buttoned wools, technical and structured cadys, lurex pinstripes, jersey with rhinestones and jaguar tweets. There is also sequined denim, silks and crepe de chine, with iridescent velvets that truly emphasize the dreamy silhouettes. The colors of the collection possess a palette that's quite delicate, such as light lavender and hyacinth, lemongrass and natural whites mixed with various shades of gray. Pearl-gray, to a darker solid black, and bright lacquer red, making for a stark and elegant twist to the lighter counterparts.

Completing the season’s overall image are a slew of wrap-around knitwear pieces made from mohair yarns and wools embellished with sequins, rhinestone netting and fur stitches. Accessories can be seen alternating from maxi day-bags and micro-bags, all branded with the iconic orchids and “X” details that have consistently defined and serve as a trademark to Genny's sophisticated elegance and glamour.

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