Freedom and Identity

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Nick Hsu

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Ferragamo's Creative Director Maximilian Davis on February 24th brought a fresh perspective to the fashion scene, drawing on the brand's 1920s roots to inspire a minimalist, nostalgic collection. The Ferragamo FW24 line skillfully combines elements of freedom and identity, showcasing raised hems, fluid fabrics, dropped waists, and relaxed cuts for a contemporary twist on its historical legacy. The collection represents a journey back to the brand's beginnings, exploring the themes of self-expression and the subtle concealment of the body.

The iconic black cape, reimagined with lacquered finishes and more pronounced, masculine silhouettes, draws inspiration from the era's utilitarian workwear and the robust uniforms of fishermen. This collection, with its broad shoulders and supple leathers, bridges the gap between past and present, showcasing long capes paired with thigh-high waders and heavy-wool underlayers. Ferragamo redefines luxury and desirability, creating a dialogue with the past that speaks volumes to the contemporary observer.

In footwear, Davis's minimalist approach breathes new life into historical elements, transforming them into contemporary masterpieces. The collection embraces androgyny, reinterpreting traditional masculine details for the modern era, with brogue detailing and monk-strap buckles finding new life in sleek, cigarette-heel mules. Men's footwear experiments with formality, introducing elongated derbies and geometrically squared heels, further cementing Ferragamo's innovative spirit. Rendered in the new Ferragamo monogram, the iconic Hug bag, again, takes the center stage.

New FIAMMA, inspired by the architectural symbols of Florence, introduce innovative shapes and closures, encapsulating the essence of Ferragamo's legacy. Through these creations, Ferragamo as if leads us back to the 20s, intimately discussing the surrealist reality with us inside any speakeasies in Florence. Under their guidance, protection is not simply hiding. Looking at the utilitarian workwear and those fishermen, their fashion holds us to see its storied past and a bold step into the future.

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