ETRO | Spring-Summer 2024

Redefining the world of patterns

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

Photographed by

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An installation of eccentric patterns, bright colors, and floral detail – ETRO’s Spring-Summer 2024 womenswear is redefining what it means to be a modern bohemian. Serving the runway with a mixture of the most comprehensive prints and fabrics, the fashion house is designing a wardrobe of bright seasoned colors that delve into avant-garde styles that supersede the scope of conventional clothing. Their collection is not just the welcoming of a new season, but an ode to the many seasons before.

Whether it be their all-denim features that encompass their newest collections of skirts and dresses or the draping ensembles decorated with extravagant stitching, embellished in bold designs, and fashionably paired with ready-to-go accessories, ETRO is stepping beyond the walls of modern fashion and delivering a collection imbued with a passion for the wildly eccentric. Their newest assembly explores the various styles that can come from a single print, embracing non-conformity in the world of clothing by intertwining patterns. It is a renaissance of free-spirited fashion, untethered and prepared to reshape what the Spring and Summer season has to offer.

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