Duvin Design x PBR | 'Relax with Pabst'

Beer meets Beach Attire, the Ultimate Summer Collection

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Sofia Ziman

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Known for their breezy apparel, and coastal charm Duvin Design has proudly announced a new collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR), America’s most iconic beer brand since 1844. Honoring the lazy days of the late summer, the “Relax with Pabst" capsule mirrors feelings of collective nostalgia and good vibrations. In the nature of true collaboration, the 10 novelty pieces unite Duvin Design’s modern take on 80s surf culture with the old-school aesthetic of 90’s PBR branding. 

Set to debut online on August 23rd, the Duvin x PBR collection is designed to elevate and encourage leisurely living. "Long beach days and PBR are a match made in heaven, so we didn’t have to look too far for inspiration when creating this capsule."

Perfect for play, and the everyday, accessories include 2 trucker hats and a versatile tote bag that reads “Relax with Pabst.” The slogan is featured throughout the collection along with other imagery, appearing on funky clothing garments as tees, relaxed-fit button-up shirts, a pair of eye-catching swim shorts, and a Baywatch-esque one-piece women’s swimsuit.

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