DUNDAS | D25 Resort 2023-24

We sat down with Peter Dundas to ask more about his newest seasonal collection

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Annie Bush

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Co-founded by Peter Dundas by his life and business partner, Evangelo Bousis, Dundas has dropped a new collection, “Signature Dundas Girl,” for D25. Dundas’ new collection recalls a Helmut Newton woman: bohemian yet bourgeoise, free-spirited yet urban, exaggerated yet elegant–the collection balances delicately on the precipice of sophistication, with just a whisper of indulgence. Starring evergreen London it-girl Poppy Delevingne, the campaign folds timeless glamor into effortlessness: with sinewy gowns, structured metallics, indulgent magentas, warm chocolates, and sumptuous cowl necks, the collection offers structural tradition and genre-pushing excitement. Perfect for a season in London or a summer abroad, the collection offers a multilateral array of uses, for any time, for any location.

Peter Dundas, who launched the namesake label with Bousis in 2017, has gained global attention for his unique ability to utilize cut and pattern to complement body shape. Having worked with renowned houses among the likes of Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli, Dundas’ sharp eye for feminine silhouettes has catapulted his brand to international celebration. We sat down with Dundas to ask more about his newest seasonal collection.

What were the first visions and inspirations for your latest collection, D25?

For Pre-Spring D25 London was very much on my mind. We moved our offices from the UK to the States and so the collection became a homage to the London Girl. I love their crazy wonderful mix of urban sophistication, bohemian 70’s references and always pinch of rock and roll. Maxi coats in leather or woolens, midcalf flowing day and either micro minis or 1930’s vintage for night were some of the key ingredients this time and felt very on point for the theme.

What aspects of your taste have evolved or changed since your founding of DUNDAS, and which have stayed the same?

I have always worked quite instinctively in all my design work, but I think with DUNDAS and having your own brand I am more consumer aware. I talk a lot to my girlfriends about what they want every season and try to incorporate this into every design.

Can you expand on your creative relationship with Poppy Delevingne? How did you both align for the collection?

I have been lucky enough to dress Poppy for many years and also have her as a very dear friend. I think creating her wedding dress, now in the Norwegian National Museum, solidified this bond because it felt like a perfect marriage between her personality and my design DNA. With this season’s homage to the London girl, which Poppy is the embodiment of, the process was especially fluid and organic. I love her to pieces, and I never get tired of dressing her

You have a history of working with cutting-edge technology in relation to your designs, such as your collaboration with DRESSX for Paris Fashion Week. Where do you find the importance of merging technology with fashion, and where do you believe it will lead us in the future of personal style and our culture's general relationship with fashion and design?

Today technology has become an essential way to communicate with our client base, strengthening the community around the brand. It also permits reaching and educating a new generation if clients through Roblox which can now get the Dundas Look affordably. For me working with DressX, Roblox or creating Metaverse shows in the Web 3 are new opportunities of expression that I am very excited to have. I only see it as becoming a even more intricate part of my visual work and also of fashion.

How do you balance your personal and family life amidst operating your business on an international level? How do you stay afloat and true to yourself in such a fast-paced, ever-evolving era within the fashion industry?

We try to separate our family life with work life. Evangelo and myself are very complimentary in our work and with having your own company its unavoidable not to discuss it frequently but with the kids its different so that has shifted our priorities somewhat which I believe is beneficial both to the work and to the family. As parents you recognize so much more the need to recharge and with that also open your eyes to new inspiration and impulses.

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