Dior | At The Women's Spring Summer '24 Show With Anna Sitar

A photo diary following her day through Paris

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Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior arrived to Paris Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Fashion Week emitting messages of feminine power, rebellion, and individuality. Synonymous with the themes that saw the runway this year is digital creator Anna Sitar, who has amassed genuine online community via her authentic, vulnerable videos.

From her Dior shoes to her Dior Beauty glam, Anna takes FLAUNT along up until the entrance of the Jardin des Tuilieries, giving insight on the show, her personal tastes, and the value of time.

What are you bringing into the Fall/Winter season this year? What are you leaving in Summer 2023?

I can not wait for all the Fall and Winter fashion to come to life. Although Los Angeles stays nice and cozy all season long, I am so excited to keep playing with developing my sense of style and fashion. I love the combination of oversized yet chic with a mixing of textures and patterns! My recent obsession is the TikTok trend of how styling an outfit correctly changes the whole look. This Fall and Winter is all about the accessories, and choosing outfits that allow me to be playful and elevated with a little extra styling. In the summer, I want to leave behind any doubts about trying new things and I want to be breaking rules. This is my petition for white pants year-round.

What did you most enjoy about the Dior show? What did you take away from the show?

The Dior show is one of the events that I look forward to all year long. One of my favorite parts will always be how much it brings the fashion community together. There is so much excitement to be inspired and see familiar faces that may only come together once a year. I’m always counting down to be reunited with friends and fashion creators and artists I endlessly admire.

This years show was radiating divine femininity. The clothing was elegant and nearly only black and white. They elevated classic styles like a button-up blouse by creating a one-sleeved style, or adding extra flair with flowing, pleated skirts and dresses. They mixed textures and patterns, and their use of sheer fabric in some of the pieces elevated modern, modest looks to a world of fantasy. The biggest take away was not only from their portrayal of women that decorated the walls of the room, but the reminder that every look can be exquisite fashion when it feels like an extension of you.

How does your personal style inform your energy? How are you protecting your energy?

I joke about it on social media that I think my style is morphing into “how comfy can I be and still feel stylish” and the truth is, I’m the most confident when I am comfortable. Even beyond that, it reflects my energy by replicating what I want my chance to be for my community: a safe space. Fashion lately has felt very freeing and I am having so much fun exploring and expressing all sides of myself. I am protecting my energy lately by keeping a few things close to home, but also by rediscovering comfort with my most authentic self. To some it may not feel like it, but I slowly dialed back recently on my oversharing, which funny enough has opened my heart to realizing the value that sharing content, art, creations, and internal emotions has on my life. Not only are my channels meant to entertain, but I also use them as a keepsake for my own emotions and when I bottle them up, I usually don’t feel like myself. Its all about self expression, and somehow for me that keeps my energy sacred.

What are some beautiful things you’ve held dear lately— whether it be a photo, a passage from a book, a moment with friends, etc.?

Cheesy answer...time. I have been realizing how quickly it goes lately. I think that comes with late 20s and the fear of wasting time or losing time or rushing life, but for me I have been holding dear all the time we have. I have been working on accepting that there is no rush to life, no rush to having everything figured out all the time. I am soaking up the long way around, and that the best part of life is the journey.

Hair: Cherilyn Farris

Makeup: Jennifer Tioseco using Dior Beauty

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