Dior | Follow Pierce Abernathy for the Winter 23 Men's Show

The content creator takes us through Paris.

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Nate Rynaski

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For Dior's Winter 23 Men's presentation at Paris Fashion Week, we went along for the ride with Pierce Abernathy. The content creator and recipe developer who rose to prominence on TikTok shares his experience with food, fashion, and looking forward while giving us a look into his preparation, wearing Dior Beauty, and the moments leading up to the show.

For you, how does fashion intersect with food?

Both food and fashion are at the forefront of culture. I feel they are how people can interact, connect, and share their creativity and perspective. They are distinct but necessary choices in life. You need to eat and you have to dress. For me, there is a thoughtfulness and consciousness to both. I try to be mindful of how I eat in the same way I am in how I dress.

When did you begin to find an interest in fashion?

I have always loved to dress but started exploring it more seriously early last year. I find fashion a creative outlet very similar to food. I can express myself in what I wear in a similar way to what I cook. I love to learn from and connect with the brands behind the pieces; whether it’s a legacy house or an up and coming brand.

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How was attending the Dior Winter 23 Men's show?

To be in Paris and attend one of the most important shows of such a legacy brand was a dream come true. The collection and silhouettes really spoke to me. I found myself constantly snapping photos of looks that inspired me. It was playful but elegant, sophisticated and but relaxed. The whole experience was surreal.

What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year?

I am trying to work on a lot of projects that take me offline. I have a few in-person dining experiences in the works that I’m excited about. The future of our food systems really interest me and it’s a topic I hope to explore further. I want to highlight the industries, business, and people who are leading the change in how we eat and take my audience along for the journey.

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