Dior | Inside the Dream

An intimate look at the conception of Dior's groundbreaking fragrance.

Written by

Mecca Woodson

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A charming (or unpleasant) perfume never fails to engage one of our most prominent senses, capture the heed of others, or set the tone for a night out. As intriguing as the scent is the delicate undertaking of formulating one. Crafting a fragrance takes time; it is an honest labor of love for the creator, derivative of their inspirations and cogitation. Resulting in something that can be worn by a multitude of men and women. However, it still begs the question: 

How do we arrive at this point, or in this case, scent?  

Answering the burning question, Director Matthieu Menu, interested in the mystique surrounding Dior’s J’adore, captured firsthand footage at the House of Dior to understand how we’ve arrived at the fragrance and the intangible elements that go into its creation. 

‘Inside the Dream’ paints an intimate portrait of the formulation and assembly of a fragrance, while symbolizing the fleeting nature of scent. It’s an enthralling documentary that takes us behind the scenes, and probes into the core of human adventure, conveying the prominent fragrance through a series of elegant images scattered with compelling insights and revelations. Moreover, it’s a perceptive picture that traverses through the multidimensional strands of creation. ‘Inside the Dream’ is available to stream on Amazon Prime

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