DIOR | At the Men's Summer '24 Show with Chase Hudson

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For the Dior Men Summer 2024 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, FLAUNT caught up with Chase Hudson, the uniquely credentialed multi-hyphenate who is held responsible by many for both the e-boy movement on TikTok and the pop-punk revival storming America.

See here, Hudson witnessing the Dior Men's show holding our hand along the way.

Describe your current relationship with your style. How has it evolved in the past year or so?

When I put on an outfit I love to play into whatever style it is that I’m going for that day, each look feels like a character that I’m playing. I’ve started to understand how I want to dress myself this year–I’ve been trying to dress more classic than edgy on some days but with my duality I spend most days wearing darker more gothic looks.

What are you excited to see at the Dior Men Summer ’24 show? How does Dior align with your own style?

I’m very interested in what they’ll do this time, I know how special they make each experience, I feel like I would grab any of the pieces directly off of the runway so it aligns incredibly well with me. It’s inspiring seeing how much time and work the Dior team puts into their show, they’re so thoughtful and the artistry that goes into the collections is amazing.

Has social media affected your perception of personal style? How are you staying true to your own?

Social media has never really been a place that could ever take away my relationship with clothes, I always see right away what I’m into and social media has actually given me the confidence to do things to express myself more. I love watching people’s outfits both online and in person it’s one of my favorite things to do.  

How are you staying present these days?

I’m staying present everyday in the studio always working on painting the bigger picture for my life, it’s also very cathartic for me. I love to travel and eat out at restaurants it helps me be present in real life.  I love all of the little things life brings, it keeps me grounded and I find so much joy in that.


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