Dauphinette | Fall Winter 2024 Collection

Bedroom floor couture

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Tayla Grainger

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Dauphinette’s Fall Winter 2024 collection, The Vegetarian, embodies what designer Olivia Cheng calls her “carnivorous lust.” Launched in 2018, Cheng first qualified the label as "The Happiest Brand on Earth," a stretch from her latest showcase, which was created with the intention to transcend this utopia, to transcend being a brand at all.

This collection embraces the different moods that bubble to the surface: hunger, happiness, lust, and satisfaction. Her inspirations are similarly dynamic, ranging from literary icon Margaret Atwood and a poem from her book You Are Happy, to the electronic music duo 30H!3, specifically their 2008 single, "DONTTRUSTME." Both works grasp the interpretation of desire met with a shamelessness in the name of artistry. Using at least 50 percent of upcycled materials, garments consist of stainless steel chains, jewel beetles that crawl across garments, cashmere coating, leather, and silk charmeuse, resulting in a collection that is simultaneously whimsical and edgy, straddling the two worlds that Cheng aims to unite.

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