COLLINA STRADA | Autumn Winter 2024 Collection

Welcome to Collina’s Gym

Written by

Nick Hsu

Photographed by

Marsha Bernstein

Styled by

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On February 9th COLLINA STRADA's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection made a striking debut at New York Fashion Week, captivating audiences as the pregnant New York-based designer Maddie Moon took to the runway in a moment of elegance. Signaling fearlessness and empowerment, this walk set the tone for the entire collection. COLLINA'S GYM, as envisioned by Creative Designer Hillary Taymour, emerged as a vibrant forum for diverse dialogues, each piece weaving a narrative celebrating the multifaceted strength of women, challenging and redefining societal norms around femininity. 

In collaboration with brands like Dieux, UGG, Bumble and bumble, espressoh, and PUMA, COLLINA'S GYM presented a comprehensive "training service" that spans from beauty and haircare to footwear, featuring designs that boast elegantly muscular silhouettes and are conscientiously crafted using upcycled deadstock materials. The collection itself is a testament to refined rebellion, blending sweetness with sophistication, and mischief with maturity.

Photographed by Marsha Bernstein

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Collina Strada, FW24, New York, Nick Hsu, Autumn Winter 2024, New York Fashon Week, FW