Chloé | Introducing ‘Chloé Portraits’

Effortlessly Powerful, Beautiful & Free

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Palmer Dean

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Clothing is nothing without the bold and empowered people who wear it on their backs. A blouse may just be a blouse on its own but on a woman, it can be a swift, graceful work of art that comfortably hugs its canvas. Chloé launch of the ‘Chloé Portrait’ series captures how the woman is what brings the fabric to life. Creative director Chemena Kamali describes the Chloé woman as “effortlessly powerful, beautiful, free.” Together the Chloé fabric and the spirit woman can create magic.  

The shoot ties generations of women together with a single thread: the spirit of Chloé. Featuring icons like Jerry Hall, Jessica Miller, Natalia Vodianova and Liya Keede from previous eras of the brand and fusing their legacy to the new generation of Chloé women like FeiFei Sun and Ornella Umotoni, Chloé’s celebration of women is timeless. The series was photographed in Paris by David Sims and accompanied by a film from Frank Lebon. Included in this campaign is a refined Chloé logo which will be featured in the Chloé Winter 2024 show in Paris on February 29th 2024.

The emotion and energy of the new Chloé portrait series infuses the modern woman with empowerment and light in these current dark and seemingly endless days of winter. Perhaps a Chloé piece is just the cure to reinvigorating those exact feelings of being effortlessly powerful, beautiful and free.

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