Charles Jeffrey Loverboy | FW23 Menswear Show

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Chloe Cussen

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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy welcomes its audience to ‘The Engine Room’ for its Fall/Winter Menswear collection. ‘The Engine Room’ is filled with dangerous machinery, gaseous air, and workers trying to escape the underworld. Above this purgatory is the heavenly city of Ajuka that workers can one day gain entry to if they work hard enough.

The collection is presented in three different parts: the Workers, the Posers, and the Snakes. The Workers are outfitted in protective and warm clothing with staples and trinkets representing the hardships they face. The Posers, former workers now living in Ajuka, are adorned in garments with fine tailoring, elaborate ruffles, and decorated prints to represent their luxurious lifestyle. Lastly, the Snakes, the gossips of Ajuka, are dressed in newspaper prints to represent their role of spreading information in the city.

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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Fashion Week