Celine | Debuts New Fragrance, Zouzou

A fragrant portrait of eternal youth

Written by

Tayla Grainger

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Celine announces the twelfth addition to their Haute Parfumerie Collection with creative director Hedi Slimane’s latest fragrant foray, Zouzou. The new daytime scent, releasing June 20th, takes the same nickname used to affectionately refer to the chic, short-haired heroines of the 1960s. The name conjures up images of Françoise Sagan and Jean Seberg, whose distinctive cropped haircuts framed their delicate features. 

Zouzou distills the vibrant essence of eternal youth into its luxurious glass bottle, as seen in the adjoining film. The saccharine innocence of vanilla and caramel merge with rich amber, musk, and patchouli to create an elegant portrait of Parisian adolescence. Zouzou’s sweetness overlays its heady depth, brilliantly capturing the dual natures of whimsy and rebellion at the heart of girlhood. The powdery note that’s a signature of all of Celine’s perfumes leaves a distinctive trail in the wearer’s wake, lingering in the air like a nostalgic memory.

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