Cartier | A Century of The Trinity Icon

An international celebration of heritage and milestone

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Embarking on a journey from New York to London and culminating in Paris, the enchanting Trinity Magic powder, unveiled by Cartier, illuminated these cities earlier this week, heralding a celebration that promises to extend into the next century. Between the three metropolises is where each Cartier brother, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, had gravitated to at the break of the 20th century to share the beauty of Cartier.

The spectacle began with Yara Shahidi and Cartier witnessing the inaugural magic shimmer across New York's skyline from The Hotel Chelsea on February 1st. This was followed by Paul Mescal at Ladbroke Hall, capturing the enchantment in London on February 5th, before casting it across the skies, all the way to Paris at Petit Palais.

Accompanied by the celestial harmonies of Sia and Diplo, the magic was further amplified. Trinity ambassadors JISOO, Labrinth, and Jackson Wang, along with global ambassadors among the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Kirby, Rami Malek, Monica Bellucci, Emma Chamberlain, Sofia Coppola, and Emma Corrin, added their sparkle to the Parisian event.

Their luminous presence set the stage for the dance collective La Horde, who, through their movements, conveyed their best wishes to Cartier, symbolizing the eternal magic of the Trinity. The event also served as a platform to unveil new creations by Cartier, including square, XL, and modular designs, adding another layer of wonder to the magical celebration.

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