Cartier | Chapter Two of High Jewelry Collection

The worldwide voyage begins again

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Brendan Le

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After debuting the Le Voyage Recommecé high jewelry collection in Florence earlier this year, illustrious luxury goods maison Cartier announced the continuation of the line in Paris during Haute Couture Week. Chapter Two of Le Voyage Recommencé consists of five striking pieces with designs sourcing inspiration from cultures abroad and the natural world. Diamond-studded and encrusted with the finest gems, the collection’s brooch, ring, and three necklaces carry Cartier’s signature craftsmanship while integrating global influences into what the brand calls “world jewellery.”

Dohara, a necklace inspired by Mughal jewelry from India, waterfalls ornate crystal droplets into three diamonds. The droplets, lacquered in red, green, and blue, incorporate one of Cartier’s well-known color palettes into the Mughal tribute. Chapter Two’s brooch Beilong takes the dragon, a creature featured in several Asian mythologies, and builds its figure out of diamonds around tourmaline and yellow diamond.

The second installment of Cartier’s worldwide voyage sees the brand embark on a creative journey that seeks creative gold. With the five shimmering additions to Le Voyage Recommencé, it’s clear that they’ve found what they’re searching for.

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