Burberry Winter 2023 Campaign | Style and Function in the Face of Austerity

Burberry unveils its Winter 2023 campaign set in the British Isles.

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Annie Bush

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Set in the magnificently austere British Isles, Burberry has unveiled its Winter 2023 campaign. The campaign features a series of portraits photographed outdoors against the vast landscapes of the Isle of Skye and the stately Giant's Causeway. The warm, protective wardrobe featured in the campaign includes key items like trench coats, rubber boots, field jackets, blankets, argyle jumpers, roses, and ducks.

On the items, classic check patterns are reimagined, and the Equestrian Knight Design is redrawn. A new house color, knight blue, is introduced in the campaign, as well as a new bag design– the Knight bag. In the Winter 2023 Collection, Burberry's Chief Creative Officer, Daniel Lee, continues to embrace the brand's British roots, allowing and encouraging consumers to venture through the great outdoors with style, with purpose, with protection.

Photos courtesy of Burberry/Tyrone Lebon
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