Burberry | Daniel Lee’s Summer Collection

A sense of outdoor living is portrayed through Burberry’s summer collection

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Ani Gutierrez

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Sensuality, beauty, elegance and lightness effortlessly merge together in Burberry’s summer collection. Daniel Lee explores these stylistic entities through evolved pieces in clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories in his second collection with Burberry. Providing a sense of outdoor living within the collection, aspects such as a reimagined trench for the summer peak interest. Various prints reign prominent within the collection, fusing together eye-pleasing visuals with fashion-forward representation. 

English meadows are embraced in a number of accessories–graced by the human touch in hand-painted artworks alongside repeated prints. Accompanied by the music of Dean Blunt, Lee’s collection was showcased in London in a star-studded show highlighting the silhouettes of Burberry’s latest creations.

Photograph Courtesy of Burberry

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