Bottega Veneta | Winter 2023 Collection

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Gabriella Madden

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Bottega Veneta presented their Fall/Winter 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week on Feb. 25th, 2023. Creative Director Matthieu Blazy has brought his trilogy of “Italia” shows to a close, ending with this collection that is inspired by the idea of a parade; what’s around the corner, who will amaze you, and who will you meet. In this parade, techniques, motifs, characters and creatures from the past travel through space and time to speak to the present and the future. 

In the parade, craft is reconfigured as innovation, with historical silhouettes revived and reinvented, scooped, boned, slit and suspended, like Botticelli’s Chloris and Flora from ‘Primavera’ is reconfigured for today. The intricate silk hand embroideries were recreated and rearranged, a new turning of their metamorphosis. The collection and show are treated like a game of Exquisite Corpse, where there is an unfolding of possibilities, where materials find new configurations in clothing and leather goods. It points to the end of one part of the Bottega Veneta story and the beginning of another, of a new mythology.

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Bottega Veneta, Matthieu Blazy, Milan Fashion Week