Bottega Veneta x Gaetano Pesce | Miami Exhibition, Artist Talk, + Limited-Edition Book

Take a seat, and come stay awhile.

Written by

Jess Ferguson

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Set design for the September Bottega Veneta Summer 2023 show in Milan, in collaboration with Gaetano Pesce.

Take a seat, and come stay awhile. Bottega Veneta continues to work with Gaetano Pesce and Design Miami following their Summer 2023 Milan show for an exhibition, artist talk, and limited edition book, Come Stai?. Maria Cristina Didero, curatorial director for Design Miami, and famed architect and designer Gaetano Pesce will join each other live for a discussion at Design Miami on November 30. Pesce will hold a book signing for Come Stai?, commissioned by Bottega Veneta and its creative director Matthieu Blazy and Pesce. The book—which, despite its title, is limited edition—will discuss collaboration and the creative process, as well as how Pesce and Blazy’s practices merge and diverge. A selection of Come Stai? chairs will also be shown and available to buy at a Miami Design District pop-up from November 30-December 4.

A preview of the Come Stai? book.
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Bottega Veneta, Gaetano Pesce, Design Miami, Matthieu Blazy, Come Stai?, Maria Cristina Didero, Miami Design District, Jess Ferguson