An ode to the carnivals of New Orleans and Venice.

Written by

Chloe Cussen

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In each collection released by BLUEMARBLE, the brand celebrates its perpetual journey by connecting garments to memories, experiences, moods, stories, and places. BLUEMARBLE’S FW23 show takes the audience on a journey to carnivals in New Orleans and Venice where clothing is celebratory and vibrant. In this collection, BLUEMARBLE encourages the uninhibited expression of oneself. However, Anthony Alvarez avoids making garments look ‘costumey’ as he shows how electrifying clothing can also be everyday attire.

The emphasis on individual expression is seen in patterned and colorful fur coats, shirts and trousers that feature the brand’s iconic wave pattern made out of sequins, and strategic layering of materials that reveal unseen details. Stimulating visuals are intertwined with youthful appearances as hooded jackets are embellished with studs, sequins are present in the seams of trousers, button-up shirts are made in a silk print, and various garments feature carnival symbols. Experimentation on fabrics yielded different outcomes such as a unique shade of turquoise and a distressed dress coat. Each look is completed by one of three different styles of footwear: 90’s slip-on, laced shoe, or the brand’s new sneaker made in various materials that all feature a wave pattern.

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BLUEMARBLE, New Orleans, Venice, Fashion Week