Barton Perreira x Sarah Hoover | Soothing the Tortured Teenage Self

Barton Perreira announces a collaboration with Sarah Hoover

Written by

Annie Bush

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Barton Perreira’s Women’s Coalition Project, an initiative through which the bespoke eyewear brand endeavors to uplift and clarify talented women’s voices, has announced a collaboration with writer, art historian, and cultural critic, Sarah Hoover. The collaboration has resulted in a bold, bright, timeless pair of frames– the Delia.

In a reflective essay on the collaboration, Hoover says, "In my most tortured years as a young teenager, I wanted nothing more than to have outfits with matching sunglasses in fun colors. I thought it would solve all my problems—I thought it would cure my acne, get me a boyfriend, and help me with chemistry homework. In my collaboration with Barton Perreira, I wanted to make sunglasses using the brand’s superior quality in manufacturing and construction, but in an attempt to soothe my tortured teenage self into a more confident adult—a grown up mermaid, someone who could feel beautiful and protected in her clothes and accessories. I never had the cool girl outfits and coordinating sunglasses as a young teenager, and I never felt beautiful in sunglasses, until now.”

Portions of profits from the Delia frames will be donated to The Art Production Fund. APF is a women-led non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning and producing ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences, and expanding social awareness through contemporary art.

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Barton Perreira, Sarah Hoover, Annie Bush