Dior | Anna Sitar Takes Us To Dior's FW24 RTW Show

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Dior’s transitional era of the late 1960s is reflected in the new autumn winter 2024 show that Maria Grazia Chiuri eloquently created. 1967 was the birth year of Miss Dior and the iconic history line that would define ready to wear and reproducibility of fashion. The line is filled with homages to this history in its double cashmere and gabardine and showcases a wide variety of coats, jackets, pants and skirts cut above the knee. The signature Dior palette of blues, reds and browns is neatly implemented into the color scheme and the timeless and versatile values of the brand effortlessly reactive the emblem of the brand. As eager attendees flooded the venue for the new collection’s show, we sat down with Anna Sitar to discuss her relationship to Dior and her life as a content creator. 

Glam by Dior Beauty

Anna Sitar is an American model, Youtuber, TikTok star and content creator. Her TikTok has over 12 million followers and has an accumulation of 1.8 billion likes. Before becoming a widely known influencer, Sitar went back to school for her masters after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from the Western Michigan University. She recently completed her Master’s in Film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University. Her life as a social media influencer now includes posting videos on her daily life and creating a line of merchandise for fans. 

See here, Sitar take us along for the ride as she attends Dior's FW24 RTW Show

What’s your favorite part about attending a show? What are you most looking forward to experiencing at today’s Dior show?

The list is endless. The get ready process, having creative freedom to reinvent yourself with every new look, the entrance to the show and rumble of excitement through the crowd, running into old friends and new friends, seeing all the breathtaking work that goes into the clothing and set design of the runways. There is never one thing. Its the culmination of the whole experience that keep me fully immersed in the moment and counting down to the next one once its over. At today’s show, I’m most looking forward to authentic, timeless style being reinvented. Thats something I can always expect. And endless creativity by Maria Grazia gracing the runways with every model that comes by.

What do you love most about Dior's ethos? How does the brand align with your personal values or personal style?

Similar to what I look forward to; timeless style reinvented. The best part about the Dior show is how ready-to-wear every piece is. It aligns with my style by inspiring it. Each time watch a show, I know that I am going to be leaving it with a blueprint of all the stunning pieces I want to implement into my closet. It's endlessly inspiring.

How would you describe your personal style? How do you find inspiration for creating outfits and curating your wardrobe?

My style often feels like its ever changing, but something that remains consistent is its comfort and simplicity. I love style that makes me feel confident and effortless. Inspiration for that is all around us, and even within us! My tasks for the day inspire the out, my photography or videos or friends or places. Pulling inspiration by an aesthetic I want to achieve truly allows me to moderately reinvent myself, while still staying true to the effortless and timeless style that feels most like myself. 

As a content creator, how would you describe the role that social media plays in shaping current fashion trends? How do you balance staying on-trend and expressing your individuality through fashion?

I think that social medias main role is accessibility to fashion trends, but also that doesn’t mean that you have to always follow them or that everyones are the same. Social media allows us to be inspired, playful, and explorative all at once but giving us endless possibilities and other creators to look up to.

What are some practices you engage in to cultivate positivity in your life?

I think my most important one is everyday is a new day and you wake up with opportunities to begin again. This morning could be the best day of your life and you have no idea yet. You could be getting the call you’ve been waiting for, the job you dreamed of, the opportunity you’ve always wanted. And the best part is happiness and positivity aren’t limited. I think we often fall into places of sadness when we fall into comparison. But there is always enough to go around, and every good thing should be celebrated.

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