AMI | Stark Theatrics of Glamour with Alexandre Mattiussi

Paolo Roversi shoots The Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

Written by

Annie Bush

Photographed by

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James Baldwin notoriously encouraged authors to write a sentence clean as bone. Clean as bone: how any great drama is best packaged. Severe, honest, economic. Ami's Fall-Winter 2023 takes that dramatic integrity to heart: the collection, boasting bold silhouettes and geometric lines, revels in the solemnity of the austere. 

Photographed and ideated by illustrious Paris-based fashion photographer and a personal favorite of Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s Founder and Creative Director, Paolo Roversi in his studio–the legendary Magic Box– the campaign plays with shadow and light, softly cajoling the models and their sumptuous clothing to the forefront of the portrait. The photogs, which flaunt Roversi’s signature grain and the Magic Box’s wall-to-wall canvas background, place particular emphasis on the minutia of AMI designs themselves, and how they cling so delicately to the models who inhabit them. A jutting cheekbone, a crease in a trouser, toyed with by Roversi’s unambiguous contrast between light and dark. Having been given full creative control of the campaign, Roversi elected to photograph the fabrics equivalent to the way in which the collection was presented on the runway at Paris’ Opéra Bastille– stark, theatrical, elegant. 

The striking campaign features two of Roversi’s muses: Guinevere Van Seenus and Audrey Marnay, iconic top models of the 2000s, joined by América González, Noah Hanes, Taemin Park and Matthew Seymour. Glamor without gaudiness, pensively balanced between night and day, Paolo Reversi’s meditation on drama through the newest Alexandre Mattiussi Fall-Winter 2023 campaign perpetuates the brand’s legacy of comprehensive glamor.

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Alexandre Mattiusi, Annie Bush, Fashion