Alexander McQueen | Women's Spring Summer 2023 Collection

In the absence of light.

Written by

Tiana Molony

Photographed by

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In the absence of light, the night sky reveals the illuminating and colorful cosmos. Strung across a black canvas, the stars create a decadent shimmer able to draw in even the most stubborn eye. Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Spring/Summer 2023 Womenswear draws from that perfectly clear night sky revealing the endless ways we interpret the universe.

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

The collection features a variety of garments capitalizing on the recognizable shine of the milky way. Along with muted monochrome looks elevated through eccentric cut-outs and layering. Black and white tones act as bases for many of the looks with the inclusion of pale blue and pink. An elegantly designed galaxy print cloaks one with the stars. Just like the various shapes in our universe, this collection emphasizes the importance of structure and science. Without a flaw, each piece plays into the varied makeup that constructs time and space. From a distance, one might miss the carefully crafted patterns of this collection–akin to how we view the universe from afar. Alexander McQueen’s collection pulls from that familiar feeling we get staring into the abyss of the night sky–examining the many shapes, sizes, and colors of our universe.

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Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2023, Tiana Molony