Alex Cameron | Earthward Palms at the Cara Hotel

See photos from the final installment of Alex Cameron's residency at the Cara Hotel

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Annie Bush

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After a significant residential stint at the Cara Hotel in Los Feliz, Australia-born songwriter and star Alex Cameron and his devilishly handsome musical partner, Roy Malloy, completed their final installment of the 15-week saga last Thursday. Discussing the end of the residency on Instagram, Malloy writes: “Someone told me all the palm trees in LA have the same life expectancy, and that they were all planted around the same time, a century ago, and so, sometime in the future, we can expect them all to die, at once, leaving the skyline unbroken, LA unpinned to float away. I think about that sh– every day. Palm trees slowly dying on the horizon. All of history's most beautiful cities left in ruins long, long ago. And yes, the end of our Cara Residency has fallen upon us. It feels like everything is beautiful and fleeting. I feel like a palm frond tumbling earthward. Aka good as hell and stoked to see you all.”

Needless to say, there were metaphorical palm fronds tumbling earthward, westward, eastward, and every which way last Thursday. With that feeling of finality clinging to the guests like a salty, bittersweet sweat, the party raged on.

Photographed by dancefloormurder

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