Adidas Originals x Sporty and Rich | Capsule Collection

Transport back in time.

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Tiana Molony

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Courtesy of Adidas x Sporty and Rich

The iconic Adidas Originals and the timeless Sporty and Rich have teamed up to create an iconic time capsule–a collection inspired by wellness and self-care. Adidas x Sporty & Rich will launch on November 22nd with all-gender-inclusive sizing. This is the first-ever collection between the brands. The collection showcases apparel and footwear designed for comfort while alluding to classic vintage styles. Playing with burgundy and forest green accompanied by a castle-like setting, the brands’ collaboration evokes an equivocally timeless and familiar feel.

Sporty and Rich, founded by Emily Oberg, presents thoughtfully designed products with a high-class feel. The brand's effortless and laid-back motto pairs perfectly with Adida’s more fast-paced approach. Adidas, an easily recognizable brand, exudes comfort and sport. Dressed up or down, the collection allows creativity. Pants can be paired with an oversized trench coat perfect for someone on the go. While shoes are suitable for everyday use or any spontaneous sporty outing. Straying away from the demands of the modern-day world, the garments transport one into the past–to a simpler time. Whether lounging around the house or playing it out on the Tennis court, this collection is designed for both occasions.

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Adidas, Sporty and Rich, Emily Oberg, Tiana Molony