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Mariam Bagdady

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There is an almost subtle practice of self-exploration within clothing– a beckoning of oneself to intimately understand expression in the means that suits them best. Fashion, in its essence, is a reflection of the intangible traditions of fabrics and the tangible applications of creative freedom. It carries spirit, agency, and cultivates a language that transcends the binary constructions of reality and blooms amongst all circles of people. Fashion brand 3.PARADIS understands this notion, perceiving clothing as something beyond simply woven textiles and rather an abstract symphony of passionately laced threads entwined with the spirit of those who wear it. Its founder and designer, Emeric Tchatchoua, concurs, believing there’s a profound and intricate beauty in fashion’s position in the world– his newest collection becoming an introspective reflection of this testament.

3.PARADIS’s AW23 collection carries an unspoken delicacy in its fabric, its patterns and designs acting as not just an ornament to its wearer but a symbol of creative freedom. From the brushstrokes detailing the shirts and pants to the subtle colors and art that decorate its coats and jackets, the collection is boundless. The same feeling is shared for Tchatchoua, his artwork lies in its woven tapestries, breaking the confines of reality and committing to a timelessness within fashion.

You returned to your childhood neighborhood for your runway debut this summer. It seems like the spaces you’ve inhabited have informed the way that you create your pieces. Where were you when you designed AW23 and how did it inform the looks in the collection?

I was actually in a transitional phase while designing AW23. I designed this collection between Montreal and Paris, drawing from my experiences in both cities but it wasn't so much the physical space as the emotional state of being alone that profoundly influenced this collection. Indeed, for AW23 I found inspiration in solitude, a feeling that enveloped me during the design process. It can be felt through the mood of the collection, the colors, the textures and artworks used throughout. In many ways, this collection serves as a response to our previous collection, SS23, almost like its alter ego.

Who is the archetypal wearer of the collection?

3.PARADIS is paradoxically esoteric and accessible. This esoteric approach steams from my love for fashion and fine art, while the accessibility comes from my love for people. At 3.PARADIS, I’m creating a language that speaks to people from all walks of life, transcending social spectrums.I see myself as an agent of change, a renaissance individual advocating the power of love, and I want our creations to serve as a bridge between diverse worlds.

Why propose the AW23 as ‘see now buy now’? How does 3.PARADIS negotiates “see now buy now” consumerism while aiming for longevity throughout trend cycles?

The decision to introduce 'see now buy now' for AW23 is a reflection of my adventurous and intuitive spirit. It embodies the belief in the freedom to follow one's instincts in the moment. I steadfastly reject the confines of conventional fashion boundaries, refusing to be locked within them. This approach is a bold departure from tradition, a tangible expression of the creative freedom that drives my process. It signifies a break from established norms, a manifestation of the liberation that underscores 3.PARADIS. While embracing immediacy, we remain resolute in our commitment to craftsmanship and timeless design, ensuring our creations endure beyond transient trends.

You’ve talked about the hybridity intrinsic to 3.PARADIS, whether it be drawn from Japanese streetwear, your childhood in Paris, your Canadian schooling, or your African roots– would you say “see now buy now” is drawn from those sources? Where are someplaces you’ve been looking for inspiration these days?

3.PARADIS is born from the amalgamation of various influences, from Japanese fashion to my multicultural background. The idea of 'see now buy now' aligns with our ethos of breaking free from categorizations and limits, much like the brand itself. My sources of inspiration are as diverse as the world itself, from everyday conversations to encounters with strangers on the street. Lately, music has been a significant source of inspiration, serving as a backdrop to my journey of self-discovery.

It’s been a decade of 3.PARADIS. What has the brand given you? Where are you going to take the brand in the next decade?

Reflecting on nearly a decade of 3.PARADIS, it has been an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and a canvas for creative expression. The brand has not only granted me the freedom to explore my inner self but has also offered me a lens through which to understand the world around me. 3.PARADIS initially emerged from a personal desire to create a softer, more nurturing world as a refuge from the realities that surrounded me. It was a world I carved out for myself, and remarkably, it resonated with others who were seeking a sanctuary of warmth and authenticity. In essence, 3.PARADIS became a haven, a place where many individuals across the globe found a reflection of their own quest for a gentler and healthier environment.

Throughout all 3.PARADIS collections is this gorgeous, delicate visual language tied together by avian imagery. Can you talk a little about how you arrived at the bird motif? How does the bird motif tie into the central themes of the collection?

The dove motif holds deep personal meaning. I introduced it in honor of someone dear to me who passed away, as a therapeutic way to pay homage to his values: peace, freedom, unity, and hope. These values are at the core of both the dove motif and the messages I seek to convey through 3.PARADIS.

Though 3.PARADIS is, by definition, a menswear brand, there is a lot of flexibility these days in terms of the gendered presentation of clothing– you have brought female models to the collection. What does the idea of “menswear” mean to 3.PARADIS? Would you say the energy instilled for AW23 is distinctly masculine?

I truly believe in the flexibility of fashion expression and fashion is a way to break free from gender limitations. The energy of 3.PARADIS is not confined to traditional masculinity; it's about embracing individuality and the freedom to express oneself authentically.

What story do you hope to tell in this collection and the ones in the coming months?

The AW23 collection is a journey through the moonless night of solitude and introspection, where the spirit becomes a solitary star in an infinite cosmos.Through AW23, we recognize that the darkest hour is merely a prelude to the radiant beauty of an extraordinary reality. It's a visual and emotional journey that encapsulates the essence of our aspirations and dreams.Each collection is a chapter in our brand's narrative, exploring different facets of the human experience and the evolving concept of paradise. We hope our audience will connect with these stories on a profound level and find their unique meaning within our creations.

What does paradise look like to you, right now?

To me, paradise is the simplest and most profound moments in life. It's the radiant smiles of my children, the joy of hearty laughter, and the depth of an engaging conversation. It's savoring the exquisite flavors of a well-prepared meal or the warmth of cherished friendships. In its essence, paradise is the art of being present, fully immersed in the now, and embracing each day with gratitude for the precious beauty it unfailingly brings. It's a celebration of life's everyday wonders, where the extraordinary resides in the ordinary.

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