Yung Bae x Night Tempo x Flamingosis x Party Pupils | The Fonda Theatre

by Dona Ibrahim

Future funk is a relatively new and popular genre stemming from the early 2010’s. Producers under this eccentric umbrella of music tend to sample 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Japanese city pop, 70s disco, and even French house music.

Future funk can also be considered as a sub-genre of Vaporwave—which is a genre that samples the same type of music, but alters it in a chopped and screwed style. Vaporwave tends to be more chilled out, ambient and ethereal, whereas future funk has more of a bounce to it—listening to future funk instantly transports you to an 80’s anime-themed dance club in the middle of Tokyo.

Regardless of the thin line differentiating the two genres, the popularity surrounding it is rising in the states—and it’s all thanks to a few artists who began their initial music careers on Soundcloud.

With an impressive 500,000+ monthly listeners, it’s hard to believe that the Portland-native Dallas Cotton, aka Yung Bae, began his rising career on Soundcloud—which is a platform that every future funk hopeful flocks to for exposure.

Photography by  Devin Kasparian

Photography by Devin Kasparian

His newest album titled, ‘Bae 5’ was released on June 28th and he kicked off the summer with a 21-date North American tour; making a stop at The Fonda Theatre on July 6th with special guests Night Tempo, Flamingosis and the eccentric duo, Party Pupils— together, they are the ‘Sailor Team.’

Night Tempo, a Seoul-native, opened up the show with a Sailor Moon-themed set and hyped up the crowd with tracks from his newest album titled, “Showa Idol’s Groove 2.” He also played popular tracks like, “Windy Summer,” “Plastic Love 100% Purely Remixed,” and “Touch". When I asked him how was the process like mixing Showa Idol’s Groove 2, and if he experimented with any new sounds or equipment, he simply replied, “I dug through some old record shops in Japan and took some samples from vinyl’s and cassettes.”

Photography by  Devin Kasparian

Photography by Devin Kasparian

The second performers were the quirky duo Party Pupils. Their exuberant stage presence matched their upbeat music to a T. Their remixes of OutKast's “Ms. Jackson,” Estelle’s “American Boy” and T-Pain’s “I Can’t Believe It” caught me by surprise and it’s safe to say that I’m a big fan now.

The third performer was Aaron Velasquez aka Flamingosis, whose name comes from a free-style frisbee move that his father invented. He played tracks like “Flight of The Flamingo,” “Brunch at the bodega,” and “You Were Meant For Me.” Flamingosis played his groovy set alongside some aesthetic visuals from the early 90’s.

Yung Bae’s long-awaited performance started at almost midnight, but being immersed in such a funky crowd like that made it feel like the night had just begun. Bae played his popular tracks alongside some visuals from various anime clips and exercise demos from the early 90’s.

There’s a large community of video editors on YouTube, including myself, who use future funk/lo-fi/vaporwave tracks alongside anime clips and aesthetic visuals from old VHS tapes. Alongside Soundcloud and Bandcamp, these AMV’s or "‘animated music videos” definitely had some part to play in giving this funky genre some exposure to the world.

Having been a fan of these artists since the beginning, it was incredibly surreal seeing them perform live at a sold out show on Hollywood boulevard.

Photography by  Devin Kasparian

Photography by Devin Kasparian

The Bae Tour will be running until November 17, 2019; the dates are listed below.

JUL 14, 2019

High Seas Festival West 2019

San Francisco, CA


JUL 20, 2019

Camp Bisco

Scranton, PA


AUG 2, 2019

Summer Meltdown Festival

Darrington, WA


AUG 10, 2019

Splash House

Palm Springs, CA


AUG 30, 2019

North Coast Music Festival

Chicago, IL


SEP 21, 2019

Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival

Las Vegas, NV


SEP 29, 2019

CRSSD Festival Fall 2019

San Diego, CA


OCT 11, 2019

The Parish

Austin, TX


 OCT 12, 2019


Dallas, TX


OCT 13, 2019

White Oak Music Hall

Houston, TX


OCT 15, 2019

Aisle 5

Atlanta, GA


OCT 17, 2019

Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn, NY


OCT 18, 2019

The Foundry

Philadelphia, PA


OCT 19, 2019

U Street Music Hall

Washington, DC


OCT 20, 2019

Middle East Downstairs

Cambridge, MA


 OCT 22, 2019

Stage AE

Pittsburgh, PA


OCT 23, 2019

The Basement

Columbus, OH


OCT 24, 2019

Grog Shop

Cleveland Heights, OH


 OCT 25, 2019

Velvet Underground

Toronto, ON


 OCT 26, 2019

El Club

Detroit, MI


 OCT 29, 2019

Record Bar

Kansas City, MO


NOV 1, 2019

Marquis Theater

Denver, CO


 NOV 2, 2019

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, NM


NOV 4, 2019

Kilby Court

Salt Lake City, UT


NOV 7, 2019

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA


NOV 8, 2019

Celebrities Underground

Vancouver, BC


 NOV 9, 2019


Portland, OR


 NOV 10, 2019


Portland, OR


NOV 17, 2019

Corona Capital 2019

Mexico City, Mexico