Yalitza Aparicio

by Miles Griffis

PRADA     blouse, bodysuit, skirt, and headband.

PRADA blouse, bodysuit, skirt, and headband.

Freshly nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the Alfonso Cuarón film Roma, Yalitza Aparicio has the world watching her journey from educator in Oaxaca to an international movie star, fluttering with magnanimity and humbleness in a sky of Hollywood hawks. 

PRADA     dress, shirt, handbag, and headband.

PRADA dress, shirt, handbag, and headband.

What surprised you most about the filmmaking process once you were on set? Was Alfonso Cuarón a helpful guide through the process?

Alfonso was a great teacher and he helped me at every moment during the shoot; he instilled confidence in me and he taught me about a capacity that I had within me, which I was unaware existed. 

What was your favorite scene to film in Roma? What made it memorable? Was there a particularly difficult scene to film?

My favorite was with Sofi (Daniela Demesa) when I am singing a lullaby to her and the song I sing is in Mixtec and that she, without knowing the song, learned it. The hardest scene was the beach scene. 

You’ve said on the red carpet and in interviews that you’d like to start doing some training as an actor. What kind of roles would you be inspired to play in the future?

I would like to play women from the real world. 

What has it been like to go through such a life-changing experience so quickly? Do you feel you’ve adjusted to the attention, or is it still surprising? How have your family and friends responded?

I am still surprised and I still get bashful when people recognize me. My family is very happy for me, they always ask me to give the best of myself. And my friends congratulate me and really like seeing me on screen; they feel they are triumphing alongside of me. 

You are the first Indigenous woman to be nominated in the best actress category for an Oscar. In the Times, you spoke about the potential nomination as something that would go beyond a personal achievement for you alone. What is the greater significance of the nomination?

To break certain barriers despite the stereotypes. This nomination proves that dreams are within reach.

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