Weekend Recall | Blu DeTiger

by Morgan Vickery

Blu DeTiger is the NYC-based musician with slap bass and disco house beats. Her groovy and eclectic sound can be attributed to the rebel culture of New York and her family’s musical background; picking up her first electric bass at just seven years old. Blu’s latest release and debut single, "In My Head,” was produced by the electronic duo The Knocks, followed with a music video visualizing an adult Bratz tea party. “I grew up in the New York club culture, and like me, the video represents child-like imagination and innocence with a twist,” DeTiger explains. With a “zero fucks” policy and lots of glitter, Blu took us around this weekend to celebrate both her 21st birthday and first big hometown show.

The Knocks threw me a house party on our night off in Boston for my 21st birthday.


We jammed on the decks later that night before the drive back to NYC.


My first big hometown show at Brooklyn Steel. (Photo by Rachel Cabitt)

Did a lot of hair flips. (Photo by Rachel Cabitt)


Backstage before the headline set. (Photo by Loren Wohl)

We call this getting “GLIT” —pouring glitter on everyone before we go on stage.

All our friends. (Photo by Loren Wohl)

Feels good to be home.

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