Wacky Wacko x Divine collection by Seth Bogart 

by Niza Metoyer

Seth Bogart’s brand Wacky Wacko just released their fabulous collection that is totally divine. The Divine collection is in collaboration with Divine Official Enterprises. John Water’s iconic muse’s image is spread through the collection splashes allover the front of unisex t-shirts, button downs, crop tops, leggings, and bags. All in a retro pink. 

Divines legacy continues to inspire many from movies to music, and now streetwear. 

The dusty pink and casual style of the collection was inspired by an iconic Divine t-shirt originally created for “Divine In Detroit!” This new product incorporates the original art from 1981 putting a retro spin on modern style. 

The Wacky Wacko x Divine collection is available at www.wackywacko.com