Virtual Super Land | Fred Segal

by BJ Panda Bear

The merging of technology and fashion brings forth academic thoughts of robotic dresses and gravity defying 3D printing. Though the dreamy nature of all this has us all locked in a battle against the mind thinking of this union as impractical. The reality is technology is already a wearable experience, a quandary that’s already at our finger tips. In comes Virtual Super Land (VSL) to drop all that tech in street wear that really looks good. Debuting their label Orsolya Szabo and Natasha Smith merged their respective backgrounds in fashion and creative direction with DIY motion and graphic design, creating a savvy and accessible take on tech wear. At the base of the label is a creative spirit that is built of a sisterhood of garnering a full-fledged voice to push female representation in the worlds of tech and streetwear.Along with their own collection the women also collaborated and curated a group of items including a signature nail color from Orly, Mai Mia swimwear, a custom Casetify iPhone case and select Coco and Breezy eyewear. Ahead of their curated pop-up at Fred Segal I spoke with the innovators on their work, community and the glories of green.

What is your background before, how did you got into this project?

Orsolya - I used to be a fashion editor at the Evening Standard in London and Natasha is a motion graphics designer. And when I left I was a little disheartened by fashion. I just really wanted to get into more digital stuff. So I started a video series and met Natasha and we both have this need to learn how to make stuff. “How do you make graphics hwo do you make things digital.”

Natasha - We knew what we wanted to see so we were like “we are just going to teach ourselves how to make it.”

Orsolya - On the basic level how do you make cool text or how do you make things move and we just started teaching ourselves, starting with adobe premiere. That’s how we found the green screen. Like “what is this it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Natasha - It’s so effective as well and then I got into After Effects and went down my motion graphics path which is quite integral to the branding as well. 

I think it’s an important fact that it is showcasing that it is a women led digital project there is such low representation in tech for women

Orsolya - We feel very strongly about the fact that there’s not enough women in this sphere of tech and digital art and in motion graphics. There’s barely any that really dominate in an overall way as well as in streetwear. Our stuff is very casual and easy to wear easy to throw on like the boys do. 

Are the prints on the garments from After Effects? 

Natasha - This is a print made on aftereffects that we wanted to merge with natural things. So we have crystals and opals that we mixed with something very digital.  

Orsolya - We design it together and Natasha figures out how to make it via after affects and  Cinema 4D. 

Have you guys launched it in the UK?

Orsolya - No, we started it here I just moved here Natasha lives half way between here. 

Natasha - We want it to have an element of fun we don’t want it to be so serious!

Along with your collection you have curated a grouping of brands who are your collaborators?

Orsolya - We also collaborated with other female owned brands Mai Mia, she’s a swimwear designer friend from LA we got her to do her signature design in this bright green color which looks amazing. 

And does this color get triggered by the app?

Orsolya - The app is very sensitive to all tones of green. we wanted to make sure that it worked in any case. basically want to take over the world and make it green. we made a custom green Orly labs. 

Natasha  - I am part of a community called Digi_gal. we are all 3-D motion designers and graphic designers I have this little wet and help each other out with tips and really support each other. 

How did you get involved with Digi_gal?

Natasha - A woman called catty Taylor heads it she found me on Instagram and we got to talking.  

Orsolya - Natasha and I have been working on this for 2 years. we literally have been going to horrible coffee shops with this idea we also have an IG TV series every Monday every weekwe feature a different girl from this Digi_gal group different female motion designers. 

Do you feel like the spirit is based in LA or in UK or internationally?

Orsolya- I don’t want to sound corny but I feel like it’s like it’s not a location-based spirit it’s online and the freedom. 

How did you guys get involved with Fred Segal?

Orsolya - A couple of people I knew worked at Brown’s in London and my friend Ash from Fred Segal. She told me if you ever get to a point where the project could be something to speak to Ash and we had an event at Spring Place my boyfriend had a music video and he wore a green T-shirt and we put all our graphics on it. this was maybe a month and a half ago and it’s all snowballed after our launch we had merch and stuff to sell where would the dream be and that was the moment we thought of making the Fred Segal connection. Luckily Ash from Fred Segal got that we were 2 women in tech and fashion and really loved the idea of empowering us.

Photos courtesy Virtual Super Land