Virgo Gift Guide Part 2

by Flaunt Magazine

The Virgo’s light is about to fade, but before it does, let’s shop, shop, shop! Whether it be a little help getting to the right place, or the must need scent of glory, your Virgo is sorted to look fine, smell fine, (with our help), break out of that goodie-goodie babe-next-door mold.

Punctuality is a must for a Virgos. They like to be on time and expect everyone else to do the same. Gift your Virgo a watch so they always have time on their side.

A Virgo needs to have every detail perfect. From the color of their nails to the scent the are wearing, each detail is planned to a T. Get your Virgo some of the richest fragrances, so they can always put their best face forward.

Being an earth sign, Virgos love wearing symbols that represent their element. Although they are known for being uptight, crystals and feathers compliment a Virgo’s earth-mama side.

Virgo’s get stereotyped as prudish and shy because of they are symbolized by the ‘virgin.’ This is true to an extent, but in actuality, Virgos are low-key freaky. Bring out their unconventional side with some eccentric jewelry.

Virgo’s love routine, hard work, and being in charge. Stylish, authoritative, and practical (who doesn’t love extra pockets?), Virgos love a military jacket.

Virgos have a tendency to be labeled as the ‘mom friend.’ So you can help them be the stylish mama with this camo fanny back.

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner  

Art Direction by  Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell

Written by Collin Schreiber @collinpschreiber